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Cacao, raw organic

PINK SUN certified organic raw cacao powder is pure and natural and is not alkalised or Dutch processed. Our Organic Cacao Butter Drops make a delicious base to any chocolate making recipe. PINK SUN Criollo cacao nibs can be eaten as a snack on with other healthy foods.

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  1. Raw Cacao Powder - 500g
  2. Unflavoured Chocolate Buttons - 500g
  3. Cacao Butter Drops - 500g
  4. Raw Cacao Powder - 1kg
  5. Raw Cacao Nibs - 1 kg

    Raw Cacao Nibs - 1 kg

  6. Unsweetened Chocolate Buttons - 1kg
  7. Cacao Butter Drops - 1kg
  8. Raw Cacao Powder - 1kg x3
  9. Unsweetened Chocolate Buttons - 1kg x3
  10. Raw Cacao Nibs - 1kg x3

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