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Neem Oil

What is Neem Oil

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PINK SUN Organic Neem Oil is extracted from the Azadirachta Indica tree, for its powerful and naturally occurring properties, traditionally recognised for a multitude of applications.

When prepared with other ingredients the active Azadirachtin (1000+ ppm) in organic neem oil has been shown to be an effective natural insect repellent for fleas, mites and other infestations on animals.  Organic neem oil also helps to maintain appearance and add shine to indoor and outdoor plant foliage.

The neem plant contains 'tetranortriperpenoids' or more commonly know 'liminoids'.  More than 41 of these chemicals work together enhancing the effect of neem oil.  Azadirachtin is the most active limioid found within Neem oil and over many years researchers have found azadirachtin (produced and stored in secretory cells) located in nearly all parts of the plant, including roots, stems, leaves and flowers.  Because secretory cells are most concentrated in the seed kernels of the neem tree, neem oil derived from neem seeds contains some of the highest concentrations of azadiractin available.

Use on small animals

Fleas & mange. Massage a few drops of oil into pet hair, leave for 20 mins, shampoo out, repeat weekly.  Add a few drops to pet shampoo to reduce recurrence.

Equistrine use

Use organic neem oil with eucalyptus, citronella and cedar wood for repelling horseflies and midges.

Use on Plants

Organic neem oil may be added to preparations that help reduce and control spider mite, aphid, thrip, green / white fly, leaf hoppers leaf spot, downy mildew, blight, botrytis, scab, rust and powdery mildew or to naturally repel insects such as fleas, mites, ticks and lice from animals. To help emulsify oil mix PINK SUN Organic Neem Oil with PINK SUN Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap


PINK SUN Organic Neem Oil is cold pressed directly from neem seeds, bottled at source and vacuum preserved to ensure the retention of high levels of azadirachtin (1000+ ppm)

Rose exhibitor and writer Brian Schofield has published an article 'Neem Oil' in The White Rose News, the quarterly magazine of the Yorkshire Rosarians. The Neem Oil article is reproduced here.

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