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Sweeteners - Natural

For adding a delicious flavour to your whey protein shake, sweetening your hot chocolate or for healthy baking PINK SUN has a range of stevia products, pure granulated xylitol, erythritol and organic coconut palm sugar.

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  1. Coconut Palm Sugar Organic
  2. Erythritol


    From: £7.95

  3. Erythritol (organic) - 1kg
  4. Erythritol (powdered) - 1kg
  5. Naturally Sweet Stevia Tablets 60mg
  6. Stevia Liquid Drops 50ml  - Available in Four Flavours & Pure
  7. Xylitol


    From: £9.75

  8. Xylitol (birch)

    Xylitol (birch)

    From: £9.95

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