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Fruit & Nuts

PINK SUN Fruit & Nuts have been carefully selected for taste, purity and authenticity. To give you more choice where both the organic certified and non certified products are available and meet our quality standards we will stock both varieties.

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  1. Spanish Whole Almonds

    Spanish Whole Almonds

    From: £12.75

  2. Organic Dried Apricots Unsulphured
  3. Cashew Nuts

    Cashew Nuts

    From: £15.75

  4. Walnut Halves and Pieces

    Walnut Halves and Pieces

    From: £17.25

  5. Organic Cashew Nuts

    Organic Cashew Nuts

    From: £17.25

  6. Organic Spanish Whole Almonds
  7. Organic Walnut Halves and Pieces
  8. Pecan Nuts

    Pecan Nuts

    From: £21.25

  9. Goji Berries Raw Organic

    Goji Berries Raw Organic

    From: £23.95

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