Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap

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Quick description

  • Gentle on your plants and pets
  • Prepared form plant oils
  • Biodegradable, Non-synthetic
  • Large 1 litre size

PINK SUN Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap has been specially formulated from plant oils to be gentle on your plants and pets, and gentle on the environment. It is an ideal emulsifier for PINK SUN Organic Neem Oil, a pure neem oil (sold separately). When combined with water these two PINK SUN products produce a natural neem spray that can be used on indoor and outdoor plants as well as animals without the need for harmful synthetic chemicals. PINK SUN Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap may also be used to gently wash and protect house plants. Dilute with water.

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After bottling, the hygroscopic liquids can draw in the surrounding surplus air which creates a vacuum and gives the bottles a dented appearance.  This is normal and to be expected.

Potassium Oleate (Potassium soap of plant oil). Contains no parabens, SLS, artificial fragrances, sulphates, petroleum oils or detergents.

How do you mix Organic Neem Oil & Horticultural Gentle Liquid Soap?

  • Add soap to spray bottle (10ml), PINK SUN Horticultural Liquid Soap
  • Add neem to spray bottle (5ml), PINK SUN Organic Neem Oil
  • Add a small amount of very hot water (100ml)
  • Mix well
  • Top up to spray volume with warm water (1litre total)

If water is hard add extra soap, filtered water is best. Spray in evenings in low wind conditions. Warm Neem oil to liquify before use.

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