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Quick description

  • Organic alternative
  • Easy on the environment and your plants
  • Slow release soil improver

PINK SUN Organic Neem Pellets are suitable for indoor and outdoor plants (crops, fruits, flowers, shrubs and lawns). Made from pelletised neem seed cake/meal. Neem seed from the Azadirachta Indica tree is used for its naturally occurring properties, traditionally used in many applications.

Neem pellets reduce alkalinity in soil, by producing organic acids on decomposition. Being a natural product, it is compatible with soil microbes, improves rhizosphere micro flora and aids soil fertility. Neem pellets release fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, amino acids, carbohydrates and frees sulphur. The pellets are used to deter insects, improve the organic matter content of the soil, help maintain good soil texture, improve water holding capacity and soil aeration for better root development.

Organic neem pellets from pure cold pressed organic neem seeds

Dry Application: Mix with substrate or apply as a side dressing to existing plants. Water well.

  • Pots/Tubs/Planters/Baskets - 50g (3-4tbsp)/10L (1/3 cubic feet).
  • Trees/Shrubs/Fruit trees- 1kg/0.3m3 (9-12 cubic feet).
  • Lawns (top dress) - 40-70g/m2 (10 square feet).
  • Vegetables/Flowers - 100g/m2 (10 square feet).

Wet Application:

  • Add 1 heaped tablespoon of pellets to 300-500ml of warm/hot water to break down pellets overnight. Mix and pour onto soil around plants.

Pellet Information: Pellet size guide, 4.5mm diameter, 10-25mm length. This is a natural product with no binders and some pellets may crush during transport. Pellets left on the soil surface may give off odour and show mould. This is a natural part of the decomposition process. Avoid contact with water until applied. Not to be taken internally. Produced in India.

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight and keep in sealed packaging. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use within 12 months of opening.

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