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PINK SUN Ltd has a unique range of whey & casein protein powders to meet your dietary needs.  Being low carb they are great for keto diets.

All PINK SUN whey & casein protein powders are derived from whey & casein sourced from milk produced by grass fed hormone free cows*

Component Everyday Whey Natural Whey Easy Whey Xtra Certified Organic Whey Certified Organic Casein 

Everyday Whey Protein Concentrate

Natural Whey Protein Isolate Easy WheyXtra, Goat Sheep

Organic Whey Protein Concentrate

Organic Native Casein Protein Micellar
Concentrate or Isolate Concentrate Isolate Concentrate Concentrate Concentrate
Produced from Grass fed Hormone free cows' milk Yes  Yes Produced from goat & sheep milk Yes Yes
Produced in Europe UK Europe Europe Europe
Low temperature processed, Undenatured Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protein per 100g 82% 92% 80% 80%** 79%
Fat per 100g 8g 1g 4g 7g** 2g
Lactose per 100g 5g 1g 11.1g 3.5g** 7g
Unflavoured Yes Yes Yes Yes, Choc, Vanilla Yes
Added Sugar No No No No** No
Contains trace sunflower lecithin to aid mixability Yes Yes No No No
Artificial flavours/sugars No No No No** No
Gluten free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Easy Whey Xtra is produced from goat and sheep milk ( goat whey, goats whey ).

** Based on Organic Whey Concentrate Unflavoured

Grass fed hormone free grazingTo produce great whey protein powder you need to begin with grass fed cows in great health, eating what their digestive systems are designed to eat, grass and pasture based feeds.  Cows in such great health are Hormone free.  Some whey proteins are produced from cows which are fed on grain or stock feed and therefore to counter the poor milk production and quality these cows are often ‘boosted’ with milk producing hormones. 

However at PINK SUN we know that to produce milk in its most natural form requires cows eating and living in their most natural way (mind the pun).  So we source our whey & casein from grass fed hormone free cows.

Grass fed may include fresh grasses, pasture based foraging plants and grass based silage/baleage.


Careful milk processing and whey & casein separation

Whey Separation and StorageTo produce undenatured whey & casein with the maximum range and quantity of intact amino acids and peptides all PINK SUN whey is ultra/micro filtered at low temperature.  Through this process fragile amino acids and peptides are retained thus producing a whey or casein protein powder with high levels of branch chain amino acids (BCAA) and Leucine.

By ultra/micro filtering at low temperature (unlike acid or ion exchange processing) the bioactivity of whey protein is maximised.  This means the key amino acids for glutathione production are retained such as cysteine, glycine and glutamine. Glutathione is important as it helps protect your body’s cells and mitochondria from oxidation and per-oxidative impacts.



Spray drying and finishing

But it is not just a matter of healthy grass fed hormone free cows and low temperature ultra/micro filtered whey with spray drying technology that make a great whey protein powder.  At PINK SUN we keep all our whey proteins free from artificial flavours, sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame.  A small amount of non GM sunflower lecithin may be added to Everyday Whey and Natural Whey to ensure the whey protein powder mixes well with liquid.

Everyday Whey, Natural Whey, Certified Organic Whey and Organic Casein are unflavoured, undenatured whey protein powders which let you the customer add your own unique flavouring to taste.  They are carefully prepared from milk which must be heated to 72°C for 15 seconds to meet food standards regulations.  (Although raw milk may be sold under certain conditions in the UK, it is unlawful to manufacture "raw whey" in the UK, EU or the USA).


Quick checklist to quality whey & casein protein

  1. Grass fed, Hormone free. All natural, healthy cows
    • Full range of amino acids and immuno nutrients produced within the milk
    • Superior to grain and stock fed cows’ milk
  2. Low temperature processed
    • Maximises bioactivity by retaining BCCA intact
    • High temperatures destroy vital peptides
  3. Acid/Ion exchange free process
    • Both forms of processing damage and denature the amino acid profile of the whey produced
    • Ultra/micro filtrated ensures maximum yield of beneficial amino acids
  4. Use of natural not artificial flavouring
    • No artificial flavours or artifical sweeteners or artificial colours
    • Non GM instantising agent (Everyday Whey, Natural Whey)

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