Spirulina and Chlorella, the facts

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What are Spirulina and Chlorella

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Spirulina is a microscopic multi-cellular cyanobacterum.  It is commonly found in nature within the rivers and waterways of Africa, Asia and South America but has been exported to other continents for commercial purposes.  Spirulina grows as a microscopic helix shaped filament up to 0.5 mm in length.


Chlorella on the other hand is a single cell microalgae or phytoplankton.  Chlorella has a high protein content often up to 70% as well as containing the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll and carotenoids the yellow plant pigments.


Both Spirulina and Chlorella are free floating aquatic organisms which utilise sunlight to create their own energy through the process of photosynthesis using chlorophyll.  In an ideal environment which includes ample sunlight and correct pH both Spirulina and Chlorella undertake rapid multi-cell or cell division and reproduction.  At the same time both absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen making their production extremely energy efficient and waste minimising.


Why are they so good for you

Both Spirulina and Chlorella contain high quantities of essential amino acids.   Spirulina and Chlorella also contain a range of vitamins including A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E in addition to minerals phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and others. See product pages for specific vitamin and mineral content. Many proponents advocate Spirulina and Chlorella as ‘complete’ superfoods. 

As Spirulina has no exterior cellulose wall the human digestive system is able to easily assimilate a high proportion of the amino acids, minerals and vitamins found in Spirulina.  This means the amino acids, minerals and vitamins can be highly utilised for tissue repair, body function health, bone strength and immune system support amongst other uses.

Broken cell wall Chlorella is also easily absorbed by the intestine wall and has been advocated as a unique environmental toxins eliminator.  The chelating effect of Chlorella allows it to bind to heavy metals in the digestive system where these toxins can then be excreted as waste from the body.


Dr. D. Klinghardt, PhD M.D.(USA) and Dr. F. Liedke (Germany) specialise in the area of detoxification treatment and over many years have identified Chlorella as playing an important role in these treatments, namely Chlorella’s ability to detoxify both the body’s natural toxins and those from external (environmental) sources and that after the chelating effect has taken place within the gut  this is not reversible and hence the toxin is transported out of the body via its normal waste functions. 



Taking a continuous diet of Spirulina and Chlorella increases your intake of amino acids, vitamins and minerals but may also help with the removal of heavy metals and toxins from other food sources thus improving your health and overall wellbeing.

How is PINK SUN Spirulina and Chlorella made

PINK SUN Pure Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) is produced by an authenticated certified organic grower based on the Mongolian Plateau, in the far north of China and Pure Chlorella Gold (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa) is produced on an organic chlorella farm on an island located in the South China sea.  Every batch is tested for heavy metals, microcystins, and poly acromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's) to ensure they are as clean and as pure as possible.  

The organisms are left to grow naturally outdoors in direct sunlight, in specially designed ponds which are filled from fresh clean aquifer water.  Once a small ‘seed’ amount of Spirulina or Chlorella is added to the pond it takes between 6 to 8 weeks before harvesting.  With the rapid reproduction cycle of both Spirulina and Chlorella the ponds can then be harvested nearly every week.

Once harvested the green slurry is micro filtered to remove the Spirulina or Chlorella organism.  The heavy slurry is then carefully spray dried to remove any excess moisture which ensures nutrient content is protected and maximised.

At this stage the Chlorella is finely milled to break the cellulose wall to improved digestive system absorption and body function use.

Finally the dried powders may be converted into tablets by compression without the use of fillers, additives or binders.  There are no other ingredients in PINK SUN tablets and powders, they are pure Spirulina Platensis and Pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.

Quick guide to PINK SUN Spirulina & Chlorella

Component Spirulina Chlorella
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)   Yes
Contain Iodine Yes  
Contains all B vitamins (i.e. folic acid, B12)   Yes
Contains B1, B2, B3, C, E, Iron, Zinc Yes Yes
Cyanobacteria (Phycocyanin) Yes  
Grown in direct sunlight Yes Yes
High in Chlorophyll Yes Yes
Low energy, waste minimising production Yes Yes
Richest source of chlorophyll   Yes
Unicellular organism (phytopankton)   Yes

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